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SD Sync is file sharing online made easy

In just a few clicks, you can securely share one file or an entire folder. SD Sync makes online file sharing smooth and effortless, so you can focus on your work.

Share public links

Sharing large files and folders just got easier. Generate a public link for any file or folder and share it on Facebook, Twitter, email, IM, or on your blog. When recipients click the link, they will be able to download the file or the entire folder – no registration required. Send public links from your desktop, from the web, or from your smartphone or tablet. See how simple it is with a free trial.

Collaborate with shared folders

SD Sync keeps all your shared files up-to-date and in sync for powerful collaboration with your virtual team. With folder sharing, you can collaborate on projects by giving a person or group access to a shared folder on your computer. No more wasting time emailing individual files and tracking the latest versions. Just send an email invitation to your clients, coworkers, or family members to join your folder.

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Sync folders across teams

Team members can sync a shared folder directly to their own computers and edit files locally. Updates are reflected for everyone as soon as the file is saved.

Folder permissions

SD Sync gives you flexibility and security when sharing information. You can give permission for others to edit files so that your team can collaborate on a project. Or, you can share a folder as “read-only” so recipients can view the files, but can’t make changes.

SD Sync for Outlook

Send convenient links instead of attachments in Microsoft Outlook! You’ll save email storage and avoid bounced emails. SD Sync will track the number of downloads and give you full control to disable links at any time.

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